About OEP


Where is Otter Experience Park located?

Otter Experience Park is a small animal park in Pierce County, Washington. Directions to the park will be emailed to you along with your booking confirmation. Please feel free to contact us if you need directions re-sent to you! Parking is located on the premises.

What happens if it is projected to rain?

Otter Experience Park is open rain or shine however if the rain is too heavy we will postpone encounters. In the event of inclement weather, Otter Experience Park will contact you the day before your scheduled encounter in order to reschedule your appointment.


Is there food available or can we bring our own food?

Outside food is prohibited and dining options are not available at Otter Experience Park. Please come fueled for your visit!


How long do visits usually last?

Visits generally last two to three hours however each encounter is different. Please refer to your encounter reservation for the total time of your visit. There is no waiting or viewing only area, everyone on the property must have an encounter reservation.


Are pets allowed?

In order to keep the well being and health of our animals, we do not allow outside animals on the property. This includes both emotional support and service animals. This also includes leaving your pets in the vehicle during your visit.


Can we take photos and video?

Bring your cameras and capture memories here at Otter Experience Park! We welcome you to take photos during your visit but ask that you are respectful of the animals and refrain from flash photography.


How old do you have to be to participate?

Each encounter requires a different minimum age in order to participate. Please refer to our encounter pages to discover what the age requirements are for your desired encounter!


Do you offer animal rentals?

We do not offer outside animal rentals.


Are there public restrooms?

Restrooms are available for our visitors! If you are visiting Otter Experience Park for an otter swim, these will also serve as a changing area.

Park Rules

  • Wear closed toed shoes.
  • Dress for the weather. We recommend dressing in layers!
  • No gum or sticky candy allowed.
  • No food or drinks allowed.
  • No non-paying customers allowed.
  • No running, jumping, or screaming.
  • No hopping like a kangaroo!
  • No chasing animals. If the animal is moving away and you are still trying to pet it, this is considered chasing. Pet an animal that is not moving away.
  • No picking up animals.
  • No sitting or laying on animals.
  • No throwing or playing in the sawdust/dirt/grass/hay.
  • No playing with the sticks and branches.
  • No trying to feed the animals hay or straw.
  • No touching heads or faces, only petting or brushing on the backs.
  • Children must be within arms reach of their adult at all times.
  • No cell phone usages other than for taking pictures/video...If you must take a call, text, or message, please leave the animal area you are in.

Refund, Reschedule, and Cancellation Policy

You have three (3) days after purchase to cancel your booking and request a refund for any reason. After that three day period, we do not offer refunds for cancellations.

You have three (3) days after purchase to reschedule your booking. Rescheduling is based off of availability. After that three day window, if you would like to change/reschedule your booking, you must fill out a Rescheduling Form. A $25 dollar fee will apply.

In the event of inclement weather and we are unable to host encounters, Otter Experience Park will notify you one day prior in order to reschedule your visit.






Sunday - 11AM-6PM
Monday - 11AM-6PM
Tuesday - CLOSED
Wednesday - CLOSED
Thursday - CLOSED
Friday - 11AM-6PM
Saturday - 11AM-6PM