Animal Encounters #1

From: $178.00

Spend 20 delightful minutes with our playful otters, 20 minutes with the Super cute Penguin’s and 15 minutes with the Adorable Sloths.

Take the opportunity to have this unique adventure, in addition to interacting with the other zoo animals at the park.

Our knowledgeable, experienced guides are trained to help you maximize your enjoyment of this exceptional otter-encounter experience.

A group of Asian small-clawed otters, the smallest of the 13 otter species, are currently living at the Otter Park. Otters are intelligent, social, and vocal animals with boundless energy. They use vocalizations, along with tactile cues and posturing to contact, greet, call or alert others. Experience this unforgettable adventure yourself.

African penguin, also known as the Cape penguin or South African penguin, is a species of penguin confined to southern African waters. like all extant penguins, it is flightless, with a streamlined body and wings stiffened and flattened into flippers for a marine habitat.

Two-toed Sloth, spend most of their lives hanging upside down from trees. They cannot walk, so they pull hand over hand to move around, which is at an extremely slow rate.


A typical review posted online by someone who has played with otters is: “It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The otters are adorable. It was pure magic…I cannot recommend this experience highly enough!” (Andrei S., Google)

To participate in Animal Encounters, children must be at least 5 years old; if under 18, they must be accompanied by an adult. Group size is limited to six people.

The park is outdoors, so dress for the weather! No open-toes shoes or crocs, please.

Take a tour of the other animals you can interact with at the park include kangaroos, capybara, wallabies, coatimundi, and camels.


Encounters are subject to change or cancellation based on weather conditions and changes to government mandates.

Cost:  $89/per person / 2-person minimum of $178.

Bookings can be canceled or rescheduled up to three (3) days from purchase date. After that, a Rescheduling Form is required, and a $25 rescheduling fee applies. We do not offer refunds for canceled bookings.